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Common Scandinavian Diet

What items to include in your diet.

Which items are incorporated into the Scandinavian diet?

Entire grains – oats, chestnut rice risotto, green lentils, rye bread and grain flour or reduce amount of white bread.

Vegetables and natural products – Scandinavians likewise demand expanding utilization of foods grown from the ground. In any case, they demand it just happens with nearby products of the soil. So we can say yes to apples, cabbage, turnips, peppers…

Nut items – Such nuts, oak seeds, you can purchase wild mushrooms, yet you can likewise utilize your own. You might in the long run leave the backwoods and gather wild blueberries and blackberries.


Dairy Products – Select overwhelmingly goat milk with low fat.

Quality meat – Preferably eat pork meat. Eggs and chicken are likewise incorporated into the “great” rundown, yet it’s desirable over originate from little ranches with household generation, working on the standards of natural cultivating.

Fish – Less meat, more fish – this is the mantra of Scandinavian nutritionists. The most secure fish species are those gotten in regular lakes.

Lately the Nordic nations have set patterns in numerous ways of life – inside nutrition, configuration, destinations, beauty care products, and now in gastronomy. Inhabitants of Norway, Sweden and Denmark and additionally Finland and Iceland quite often loved this eating regimen, and now we call it the Scandinavian Weight Loss Diet


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